Fiscal Gate Electronic Receipts System

Optimize the work of your online store

What is Fiscal Gate system for electronic receipts?

The significant increase in sales in online stores over the past two years and the activities of regulators concerning sales control, prioritizing fiscal issues, led up to Fiscal Gate. This is an innovative product for issuing electronic receipts that combines software, hardware, and fiscal knowledge of SIS Technology AD. Using the system guarantees your online store that it will work fully synced with the NRA’s requirements for E-merchants.

Who is Fiscal Gate targeting?

Our solution for electronic receipts is suitable for online merchants who:
Електронни касови бележки с Fiscal Gate

✔ Use a fiscal printer or cash register to process online orders;
✔ Have moderately high or high demand for orders;
✔ There is a shortage of employees to process online orders;
✔ Aim to shorten the processing time of each order;
✔ They want to fully meet the requirements of the NRA for E-merchants;
✔ They want to save resources by not printing a fiscal receipt but replacing it with an electronic receipt.

What significant benefits will Fiscal Gate bring to your business?

Без нужда от печат на касови бележки

Accurate information about availability in the warehouse through mobile terminals

Do not print any more receipts. The system automatically generates an electronic fiscal receipt and the customer receives it by e-mail. You save 100% of the used office supplies.

Повече обработени поръчки за по-малко време

Twice as many processed orders in less time and with less recources

Make better use of your employees. Through our electronic receipt system, you will minimize the number of employees working on the taxation of orders. Shorten the execution time of the order and increase your productivity.

Синхрон с изискванията на НАП

Work fully synced with the requirements of the NRA to e-merchants

Regardless of what time of day you receive payment to your online store, you can automatically instantly generate a fiscal receipt. The system allows the issuance of a fiscal receipt by an employee when the goods are leaving your warehouse. All this is in full compliance with the requirements of Ordinance N-18.

Непрекъснатост на работния процес

Guarantee for business consistency through fiscal redundancy printers

With Fiscal Gate, stopping work due to a broken fiscal device is a thing of the past. In case of a failure of one of the devices, the transaction is automatically redirected to another, and sales continue without interruption.

Автоматична обработка на сторно бележки

Automatic processing of receipts

You can quickly and easily process returned goods. The system automatically connects the return electronic receipt with the primary fiscal receipt. This also ensures greater convenience for your customers because they no longer need to physically store the issued cash receipt in order to be able to return their orders.

Дистанционен мониторинг

Remote monitoring of fiscal printers

Because control is important, you have access to real-time monitoring. Our Call Center will always be available for you if you need assistance. We have a specialized system for preventive intervention and the limitation of non-working devices.

What else do we offer?


High level of security – SIS Technology is a certified company according to the highest requirements of IT standards – PCI-DSS 3.2.1., ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013;


Unified, easy-to-implement communication protocols;


Call Center and real-time monitoring;


Immediately increasing the solution capacity due to the possibility of upgrading;


Possibility to temporarily increase capacity if necessary;


Consultations during the development, testing and commissioning;

Nikolay Nankov

Financial Consultant

This reference is issued by Decathlon Bulgaria EOOD in favor of SIS Technology AD as an assurance of proven honesty and professionalism during our long partnership.
In the face of SIS Technology AD, we have a partner we rely on to provide high-quality hardware for the entire chain of Decathlon stores and specialized services concerning the foreign software we use and Bulgarian legislation.
Recent legal changes to online tailors have faced us with a new work reorganization. SIS Technology AD gave us a solution that was vital to the connection between our online store and fiscal devices. Receipts are issued electronically and sent to customers. We have also improved some organizational processes.
The experience gained in our partnership inspired us to recommend SIS Technology AD as a reliable supplier.

M. Marinov

Chief Technology Officer

With the following Reference Ozone Entertainment AD expresses its gratitude to the team of SIS Technology AD for their professionalism during our partnership.
The requirements for online tailors when registering and reporting sales have faced us with serious challenges. SIS Technology AD found the perfect solution, complying with all our specific requirements. The developed and implemented connection between the online store and fiscal devices has allowed us to work entirely according to the requirements of Regulation N-18 and to issue electronic receipts. Additional benefits we received were reduction in the time needed for processing orders, fewer people involved in that process and a no-stop sales process.
We thank the team at SIS Technology AD for the timely and precise fulfillment of their obligations. We work safely and fully knowing that their specialists are always there in case of an issue or question.
We recommend SIS Technology AD as a reliable partner and with their assistance, you can automate any process.