Mobile Trading Software Van Master

Warehouse management and freight trading

Have you ever asked yourself at least one of the following questions?

  • How many available items do we maintain?
  • Which goods will expire soon?
  • How many goods should we order to fulfill the orders but not overstock?
  • How can the client’s request reach the warehouse and be fulfilled as soon as possible?
  • What are our obligations related to deliverers?
  • What receivables do I have from customers and how do I manage the collection process?
  • Are we tracking the packaging location?
  • Do we have real-time profit information?
  • Can we flexibly set prices for clients?
  • How can we centrally manage items and prices for multiple warehouses?
  • Can we connect the mobile trading software with our online store?

The answer to all these questions and many more is the mobile trading software VAN Master.

Склад и разносна търговия
Софтуер за мобилна търговия VAN Master

What is Van Master – software for warehouse and delivery trade?

VAN Master is a software product specially designed for warehouse and trading process management. Through it, you will significantly lower the time for the realization of the finished product to the end customer. The system automates many time-consuming processes, which will considerably increase the efficiency of your business. You will significantly reduce the manual entry of information and shorten the processing time of each document. Increased productivity is only a small part of what you will get. Our mobile trading software enables sales from anywhere. The rich set of reports will give you systematized information through which to make accurate predictions and the best management decisions.

Why Should you choose Van Master mobile trading software?

The most important competitive advantage that our mobile trading software will bring you is that, at any time, you will have the right information to make the best decision for your business. The system will allow you to increase your market share through its mobility, flexible price and credit policy management, and the opportunity to predict in detail your future trading initiatives. Some of the other advantages of our mobile trading software are:

Наличности в склада

Accurate information about the availability in the warehouse through the mobile terminals – availability and prices are updated in real time. Information about the requests and sales status is shared over the Internet between the devices.

Следене на предадения и невърнат амбалаж

Reducing losses from unreturned or unpaid packaging – through the system, you can monitor in detail the packaging submitted for safekeeping. At any time, you have access to full information about the current liabilities and the movement of packaging by contractor and item.

Контрол върху вземанията на клиенти

Strict control over what is received by clients – you can set different credit limits for each client or retail outlet and track them in real time. If exceeded, the system will notify you and offer the option to allow delivery only with cash payment.

Проследяване целите на търговските представители

Tracking the goals of sales representatives – the goals of the merchants can be set clearly and tracked by products or groups of products. The fulfillment of objectives is recalculated daily based on the issued sales documents.

Проследяване на партидни стоки

Easy and precise tracking of the goods at the highest level, according to all retail chains requirements. You have access to a wide range of reference information about expiration dates and documents. You will meet all customer requirements concerning the not expired products that customers receive.

Множество оперативни и управленски справки

A wide range of operational and management reports – in addition to the numerous delivery reports, sales, contractors, items, groups of items, trademarks, merchants, top sales, etc., the system has automatic exports to manufacturers in order to consolidate data- Coca Cola, Devin, Bella, Zagorka, Peshtera and others.

In order to be as flexible as possible and meet all market requirements, the VAN Master mobile trading software is divided into four main modules. Each of them is connected to certain processes related to the movement of goods and the management of warehouses. You can start with one of them and upgrade at any time.

Warehouse management with VanStoreManager

The developed by us warehouse management and mobile trading software provides many opportunities for users.

  • Real time availability tracking.
  • Batch and non-batch reporting.
  • Entry of expiration date when a delivery is in process and tracking of expired products.
  • Reports on not delivered goods or sales for a specified period.
  • Different payment methods being set for each retail outlet.
  • Setting a deferred payment period in days.
  • Flexible pricing policy using price lists for specific customers or customer groups.

Requests to deliverers and deliveries:

  • Ability to automatically generate a request to a supplier based on sales for a period when accounting minimum and maximum specified quantities for the specific product.
  • A mechanism for summarizing customer requests and automatically creating requests to deliverers for ordered goods.
  • Sending the request to the deliverer by e-mail through the software.
  • Automatic conversion of the request into a delivery.
  • Comparison of the requested and delivered quantities at the time of delivery.

Customer requests and sales:

  • Collecting requests from sales representatives: The request is accepted through Vanassist- an Android app. After its introduction at the client’s site, it can be immediately sent to the warehouse and executed.
  • Importing requests from the customer’s online store: A two-way connection between Van Master and the online store has been developed with the ability to send data related to the goods, availability and price.
  • Accepting requests by phone: Extremely fast and intuitive interface, allowing the request to be entered into the system at the time of receiving it from a customer by phone.

Regardless of the way a request is received, the prices of the items are automatically loaded from the set price lists for the respective customer and their site. The system tracks the credit conditions of the client and alerts in case of an exceeded limit of obligations or overdue payment days.

Mobile App for entering goods, warehouse revisions and distribution of orders – SM Assist

The mobile app gives you the opportunity to accept goods through a mobile terminal, enter a batch and expiration date, as well as perform warehouse revisions. Through it, you can load goods in the delivery vehicles and report the returned goods, and the information is sent to the mobile trading software.

Mobile application for sales in the warehouse- Sale Аssist

The mobile sales app allows you to automatically load clients’ requests at the mobile terminal. To scan items by barcode or deliverer’s code for items that need to be weighted, as well as choosing a batch for items with batch reporting. You can choose whether to sell items from different batches, or the system can automatically suggest the batch with the closest expiration date. The warehouse system generates a sales document by loading the customer request. You can edit quantities, select a batch and set up different discounts- for individual items or for the entire document.

Ex-Van sales – warehouse on wheels via Van Assist under android

If your distribution organization is based on ex-van trade and you sell goods directly from your vans, we have a suitable solution for you. You determine the assortment of goods that the van operates with and the retail outlets that it has to visit along its route. The quantity, type and batch of the products, that are loaded in the truck are displayed on the mobile device. At any given time, you know what the stock of goods is in each minibus.

The pricing policy of each client is automatically loaded on the terminal, as prices can be changed at the time of the sale. You can work on customer requests or with direct sales. The system allows you to see in real time the unpaid debts of a client and accept a payment from them. The mobile app for ex-van sales is connected to a mobile fiscal printer that can issue receipts and invoices.

In case of a customer returning goods, the merchant can issue the right documents in seconds. Our mobile trading software allows for replacing expiring batches with new ones and issuing the relevant documents. Once the vehicle is returned to the warehouse, an inspection of the available goods can be carried out using a mobile terminal without the need for physical unloading. The system supports various reports related to sales, availability, payments, current customer requests pending execution, operator report, etc.