Nexus Gas Station Software

Take your business to the next level

What is Nexus Gas Station Software?

Nexus is a gas station management system, that goes far beyond fuel sales management. The software offers opportunities, used by some of the largest gas chains in the country and by a number of local retail outlets.

We understand the specifics of your business and for over 20 years now we have been working non stop on the development of Nexus, in a way that allows you to work without any complications. We have developed a line of possibilities that will help you have a clear view of your business while lowering the manual work done and speeding up the service process.

Софтуер за бензиностанции

What makes nexus a favorite gas station software?

Софтуер за бензиностанция

Centralized management of gas stations

Намаляване на разходите

Redusing costs through a self-service terminal

Управление на ваучери и отстъпки

Loyality system and discount vouchers

Качествено обслужване на достъпна цена

High-quality service at an affordable price

Специфични разработки

Implementation of specific developments

Дистанционен мониторинг и контрол

Real-time remote monitoring and control

Управление на всички процеси

Management of every process in the gas station

Достъп до партньорски системи

Access to partner systems - vignettes, tickets, etc.

Развитие и обновяване на системата

Continuous development and renewal of the system

Миграция към Еврото

We are already in the process of converting from bgn to euro

Expand your options with one solution

Let us introduce you to some of the features of Nexus petrol stations software


User-friendly interface, optional use of a touch monitor, allowing easy access to the app’s functions and faster customer service.


Centralized management of nomenclatures, price range and results control from one place. Retail outlets operate in synchronized mode with a central office and thus receive timely information about any price change or update of nomenclature.


Service of loyalty cards, vouchers and management of corporate customer cards with the possibility of deferred payment to attract new customers and increase the satisfaction of current ones.


Ability to handle several customers at the same time while the cashier sees in which column refueling is happening and what the type, amount and cost of the fuel are.


Automated real-time monitoring system that tracks key parameters of your activity. If a possible problem is indicated, you will be immediately notified.


Up-to-date information about the availability of goods and fuels after each delivery and sale, as well as maintaining current stocks at all times.


A wide range of operational and management reports, through which you can get information in real time, presented as graphics or tables, about every aspect of the activity of your retail outlets.


Automation of processes through peripherals, e.g., barcode scanners, electronic labels, bank terminals of various banks, etc.


Automated fuel input according to the measuring system before and after delivery.

You want a work model that includes self-service gas station terminals?

Nexus is software for gas station that gives you this opportunity

Significantly reduce the cost of your gas station through self-service terminals. They are suitable for any type of gas stations – without a retail outlet, in remote areas, or without the possibility of staff. Customers pay for the fuel in a matter of seconds. Your gas station is open 24/7 and operating costs are reduced. You get a number of benefits, some of which are:

Терминал на самообслужване и софтуер за бензиностанции Nexus
➤ 24/7 work;
➤ No need for a cashier;
➤ Low maintenance costs;
➤ Quick and easy customer service;
➤ Remote monitoring and control;
➤ Management of an unlimited number of gas stations;
➤ Processing loyalty cards and accepting vouchers;
➤ Dynamic discount management;
➤ Contact center service;
➤ Work model, allowing cost optimization;
➤ Card payments, without monthly fees;
➤ Receiving means seconds after a bank transaction.

Nexus 6KL – specially designed for departmental gas station management

We understand the needs of internal accounting when it comes to fleet management and due to that, we created a special Nexus profile for departmental gas stations that meet all legal requirements. The system has all the functions of the fiscal memory device Nexus while being upgraded with specific functions and reports necessary for departmental gas stations. Refueling is allowed only after reading a valid car and driver’s license, which minimizes the chances for mistakes in accountability.

Управление на ведомствена бензиностанция

Refueling is quick and easy, and no operator is required. You can enter and monitor the monthly card limit for the fuel amount. At the end of the month, through an automatic procedure, the limit is reset and restored for the next reporting period. You can service loads of departmental vehicles (for internal use) and external ones under contract or with cash payment. You have a wide range of reports through which detailed information about refueling by cars, drivers, dates, quantity and type of fuel can be displayed. Reports are generated for a selected period and can be exported in Excel format.

Main features of NEXUS gas station software

Касово работно място на бензиностанция

Front office

The NEXUS POS application, called Cashreg, performs the basic functionality of a POS gas station and strictly follows Bulgarian legislation. The graphical user interface and touch screen allow easy access to the application’s functions. Our practice shows that employees learn to work quickly with the system and customers are quickly and easily served.

➤ Ability to serve several customers at the same time;
➤ Visualization of each product/fuel when marked;
➤ Marking goods by code, barcode or quick buttons;
➤ Sales by selecting the fuel dispenser and customer account from a suggested list;
➤ Visualization of the refueling stage – started refueling, finished loading, gun raised;
➤ Ability to pay directly in cash at the touch of a button;
➤ Automatic calculation and visualization of change;
➤ Automated fuel input according to measured readings of the level measuring system before and after delivery;
➤ Management of fuel prices through the cash seat;
➤ Different levels of password-protected access. Access of service specialists to the system settings through an individual service key;
➤ Credit note function for items that are not fuel;
➤ Ability to include up to two fuel bills in one fiscal receipt;
➤ Different types of payments;
➤ Mixed type of payments in one customer account;
➤ Invoicing by POS;
➤ Processing of customer cards;
➤ Promo films on the client display;
➤ Promotional films on the client display;
➤ Information about prices and availability in real time.
управление и склад

Back Office

Petrol Station Manager is an application designed for gas station managers. It allows a detailed analysis of the business processes for the previous day and today. PS Manager consists of several modules. Each of them can be accessed through certain consumer rights. The system allows:

➤ Information about the availability and movement of items in real time;
➤ Customer card processing;
➤ Sales tracking, Z-reports;
➤ Analytical data for fiscal receipt;
➤ Issuing invoices by cash receipt or several cash receipts at the same time;
➤ Processing of orders and deliveries;
➤ Collection processing;
➤ Functionality for creating, processing and managing revisions;
➤ Different types of reports: movement of items, fuel, collection, fuel sale, insurance and vignettes, comparative report: ATG – pump data;
➤ Access levels are regulated.